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***COVID19 and Value Ride*** WE ARE OPEN. Value Ride will remain open. We understand that the need for quality reliable transportation will in many cases remain essential to those who need a vehicle for trips to the doctor, grocery store, pharmacy, or caring for others. In these cases Value Ride will be here to assist you with the following assurances: We will show and test drive vehicles by appointment. Please go to Pick out the vehicle that meets your needs and schedule your appointment. Each vehicle will will have all touch areas wiped down and sanitized (please refrain from touching non essential areas) prior to and after your test drive. Optional vehicles may viewed only after sanitation procedures. Sales people will will practice social distancing at all times (4 to 6ft). Upon your desire to purchase you will enter a sanitized office. Papers to be signed again practicing social distancing. You are now good to go.

ADDITIONAL notes: We are down to 1 office and 1 sales person per-day for sanitation purposes. The office will wiped and sanitized following your exit for the next Value Ride customer. Walk on customers will be serviced, only after appointment customers. In the event of multiple customers in need, please be patient as all outlined steps above must be performed prior to your inspections. We love and thank you for your patronage, America will get through this!
Sincerely Dave Covalt , owner: Value Ride

Recent additions include....

2007 BMW 335i      2017 Chevy Silverado 4x4   2011 Chevy Suburban         2007 Ford Edge        2013 BMW X1

Your interior is disassembled, steam cleaned/pressure washed and reassembled.  "If we can't get the stain one can."  We take pride in every car presented and placed for sale! It doesn't matter if it is a $2000, $5000, or $10,000 car, we treat each and every 

vehicle the same!